We believe that markets are inefficient, and that a well-conceived investment process can generate superior risk adjusted returns.  In particular, we believe that for information to be applicable in an active investment process it must be both relevant to share prices and slowly reflected in share prices.  In fact, the most valuable (and often overlooked) insights for forecasting equity returns are often found by observing information pertaining to related securities.  This information is not as obvious and, as a result, is generally reflected more slowly in share prices.

In addition, we believe that active management is an intrinsically dynamic activity.  What worked in the past may work less well, if at all, in the future.  To this end, we continually reinvest in research and infrastructure in order to maintain sustainable sources of competitive advantage and alpha.

Finally, it’s our belief that with the right combination of investment insights and quantitative tools, we can increase the risk-adjusted returns on client portfolios even after accounting for the transaction costs of active management.

Investment Capabilities

We offer a focused set of products managed from one integrated investment process. Our investment capabilities include broad, all market capitalization and all country portfolios, as well as active extension (130/30) offerings.  Our strategies are offered in both separate account and commingled funds.

Investment Strategies:

  • Global Equity
  • Non-US Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Global Long/Short Equity
  • Global Small Cap
  • US Equity

The Arrowstreet Common Contractual Fund

Arrowstreet Responsible Investing Overview