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Interested in working in a collaborative, analytical and data-driven organization? Our intern & co-op programs combine theory, practice and technology and provide significant insights into quantitative investment management. Our goal is for students and recent graduates to make tangible and significant contributions to the team, while also learning about model-driven asset management.

All of our programs offer the opportunity to engage with senior leadership in order to learn more about the firm’s history, culture and values. Our student and recent graduate openings can be found here.


Investment Team Summer Internship Program

Our 10-week summer internship program combines theory and practice, and provides significant insights into quantitative investment management. Interns will be immersed within their teams, working side-by-side with members of the group. The high impact program offers the opportunity to present to senior leaders within your department. You will have a dedicated manager and mentor to provide guidance and support and receive real-time feedback. You will work on projects that may involve finance, statistics, applied math, optimization theory and computer programming.

  • Test investment ideas in forecasting models.
  • Analyze portfolio simulations to understand the transfer of investment insights into portfolios.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis on research datasets.
  • Build statistical tools for research and modeling.
  • Design data visualization tools to communicate statistical results and analytical conclusions.
  • Perform optimization of numerical processes.
  • Tools and APIs to improve researcher process.


Data Science

Intellectually Rigorous


Technology Rotational Program

We offer an exciting rotational program within our Information Technology department. The Technology Rotational Program is a twelve-month program designed for recent graduates that consists of an intensive training period, followed by three rotations with various technology teams. These rotations provide the employee with the opportunity to develop a valuable understanding of financial data sourcing, trade reporting and settlement processes along with general software design, development and deployment practices. Rotational program employees will be introduced to a wide range of technologies, systems and processes critical to the firm’s success.
The program offers full-time employment upon graduation and competitive salary and benefits.

Co-Op Program

Our co-op program provides an exciting opportunity to learn about investment management while gaining deep experience within a specific function. Co-ops are highly valued members of the team and participate in team meetings, perform business-critical work and receive real-time, balanced feedback.

The co-op program is a six-month program designed for current students across a wide variety of functions. Students participating in our co-op program will do major-related work within the guidelines of their academic program and be introduced to a wide range of technologies, systems and processes critical to the firm’s success.

Search internships, co-ops and entry levels roles. 

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