Collaboration and focus with a single purpose to meet our clients' objectives.


Founded in 1999, Arrowstreet Capital is a systematic global equity asset manager providing solutions for institutional investors around the world. As a private partnership, we value and promote sustained investment excellence, strong fiduciary practices and a long term alignment of interest with our clients.

Our team of professionals with complementary skills and knowledge develop and utilize a broad array of quantitative tools and proprietary research to build diversified, risk adjusted portfolios designed to meet the investment objectives of our clients. 

Our culture values an environment that encourages honesty, integrity, ingenuity and transparency. As colleagues and teammates, our culture recognizes the importance of accountability and responsibility while at the same time creating a workplace that places high importance on being respectful and professional.

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Advanced Degrees
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We are committed to building and sustaining a workplace that reflects the diverse nature of our clients and have taken actions to build a strong culture of inclusiveness and equity. Current and ongoing efforts include:


Our research focuses on identifying, testing, and incorporating investment signals into our quantitative return and risk models. We understand that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations can impact businesses’ profitability and sustainability of earnings, in addition to the risks associated with their securities. As such, we evaluate and selectively incorporate ESG information into our investment process.